Special Interest Groups

SY. Travel offers uniquely designed tours based on special interest groups' requirements and needs. Within the framework of the touring program we combine additional components such as lectures, seminars, panel discussions, cultural and interfaith groups.

Our extensive experience and involvement in planning diverse trips to Israel enable us to offer you a wide assortment of special interest travel programs.

  • Geo-Political Israel Tour

    The purpose of our trip is to seek to understand different perspectives on the geo-political issues currently dividing Israel.

  • Wine, Dine and Culture

    Discover the taste of Israel through a culinary tour that spans the multitude cuisines which make up Israeli food, and the people behind them.

  • Archeological and Historical Tours

    Explore 5000 years of history and archeology that have formed a magnificent mosaic of peoples an cultures.

SY Travel Israel Office

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Our services include:

  • Tailor-Made Itineraries
  • The very best authorized guides
  • Accommodation arrangements at various levels of hotels
  • Transportation
  • Airport Assistance
and more...